Team Stats Page Progress

I just finished the Team Stats page after about a week of tinkering with it. You can get to it via the Teams link on the main page and navigation.

I’ve tried to incorporate some stats that are unconventional like incomplete passing yards, successful play percentages, 1st & 2nd down yards per carry, rushing standard deviation  and more.

Have a look at it and let me know via the forums if you have any suggestions to improve it.

Site Progress

under_constructionIt’s been a few years since I retired the old website for several reasons. I have been working on the data side of the website for a year now and I think I’ve finally got a decent foundation to rebuild the website on. I’m going to start with team stats, then the various player categories, lastly the power rankings and simulation section.

If you want to contact me feel free to via the contact form on the main page or through the forums.